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Services are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and are highly personalized and flexible. Typically, they entail a combination of weekly consultations (by phone or in-person), in-the-field sessions, and mock dates. See services section for more details.
Currently, in-the-field sessions and mock dates are only available to clients living in the Portland, Oregon and New York City metropolitan areas.

Mock Dating Sessions are the centerpiece of my services. During a mock date, you will be set up with a trained professional of the opposite gender as an emulation of the dating experience. The intention is that you can freely practice your skills in a pressure-free comfortable environment. Your mock date will be your temporary partner who can provide you with constructive feedback. The date itself ranges from completely unstructured to having your coach challenge you with tasks specific to your individual development. Mock Dating is an exclusive experience that clients tend to look forward to the most. Mock dates are conversational in nature and physical intimacy is not part of the mock dating experience.

There is no one-size fits all approach. Please contact me (503-208-8745) to get a free 30-minute consultation and personalized rate. I understand that most people have busy lives, which is why I have made the program flexible and without obligation. Service is pay-as-you-go and clients retain the freedom to book sessions at-will and end service once they have reached a level of satisfaction.
The average client opts to receive services for between 3-12 months. I can tailor services to those on restrictive financial and time budgets as well.

Services I Can Provide For My Clients

I can help you in this particular areas.

Face to Face Coaching

These sessions are crucial and informative components of the coaching process. While phone sessions are the norm, whenever feasible, I enjoy meeting new clients in person for a more personal connection..

In The Field Practicum
Real-Life Dating Experience

Experience is the key to learning. Join me for hands-on coaching sessions in real-world settings, where you can actively apply the skills you're developing.

Mock Dating
Expert-Guided Dating Practice

This is the point where the excitement begins. You'll embark on a series of dates alongside a skilled expert who will lead you through the process and offer valuable feedback and coaching.

Online Dating Profile -
Optimize Your Online Presence

Ever wondered what others truly think of your online dating profile? With our unique service, not only will you receive an expert analysis from a coach, but your profile will also be critiqued by a diverse panel of reviewers.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

There is no doubt about it, Portland has a particularly tricky dating climate, defined by frustrating passivity and flakiness.

Let me and my team help you shed the rain!

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Get a free 30-minute consultation and individualized service plan.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Consulting over the call
Our experienced consultants will listen to your needs, understand your aspirations, and provide valuable guidance tailored to your unique situation.
Schedule a meeting
Our user-friendly approach allows you to select a convenient date and time for your session.
Discuss the Requirements
We believe in personalized matchmaking, taking into consideration your preferences, values, and compatibility factors to ensure a meaningful connection.
Transformation Completed
Experience real-world coaching sessions where you can apply and refine your skills.

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