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Services I Can Provide For My Clients

Consulting: Being Coached

These sessions comprise the coaching program. Highly personalized and effective advice designed to impact your dating life for the better.

Mock Dating:
Expert-Guided Dating Practice

One of the more unique and exciting experiences! Go on a practice date with an experienced dater who will provide valuable feedback on your strengths and what could use improvement.

In The Field

Experience is the key to learning. Direction on actionable tasks for you to carry out, designed to give you real-world experience in dating.

Optimizing your online dating profile

Ever wondered what others truly think of your online dating profile? With our unique service, not only will you receive an expert analysis from a coach, but your profile will also be critiqued by a diverse panel of opposite-gender reviewers.

I'm Dating Coach Eric Leonhard

5 years ago I launched my services in the pacific-northwest and quickly grew to the national level. My mission is simple: Provide science-based practical advise on how to diagnose and fix your dating related problems. I have experience in helping both men & women with problems such as the following:

-Not having any experience in dating, or havnt had much experience in a long time.

-Being too shy or nervous, having difficulty approaching strangers to display interest or meeting someone on a date. 

-Having trouble getting 2nd dates despite being successful at getting 1st ones (and not knowing why!).

-Not getting good (or any) results with online dating or knowing how to effectively communicate and set up dating when you do. 

All of these problems can be solved for. Its just a matter of diagnosing and training on the science and effective methods. Im here to do it with you.

Eric Leonhard


Results I have helped create

"I came across countless coaches, pick-up artists, and the like who all promised success if only I followed their propriety system or their “weird tricks”. Eric took a much more cultured approach; his education and experiences shone through during our sessions. Although I didnt realize it at the time, I was making excuses as to why I couldnt be successful with women. Eric weeded that out of me and bolstered my confidence.
Edward, Portland
"His mock dates were super effective for me. I had spent years on countless first and second dates, where I ended up ghosted and breadcrumbed. He was able to find a few different mock daters, who gave honest and super helpful feedback that really helped me improve my situation. I would highly recommend Eric, he is super helpful and encouraging, and has a really effective approach.."
Katie, New York City
"Before having Eric's guidance I was in a cycle. I was wasting my energy, money, and time as he pointed out love and life with the wrong women. It's not just about dating, I can get women to date me; It's about finding lasting and true quality in a partner. He helped me see what I was actually needing in someone and what I did not need or want. I cannot thank him enough for his guidance through this journey of mine, he had made it an adventure, not a haunted house. I highly recommend him."
A happy man

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